Business Ideas That You Can Start A Business With No Money

When I started my first online business six years ago, I had no idea how to go about making it succeed. I had no experience in sales or marketing. And I didn’t know where to turn for advice on how to run an Internet business. That’s when I learned about Niche Marketing and how it can help new entrepreneurs launch their own Internet businesses without all the hassles and complications of traditional business. Below are some of the top Small Business Tips from online entrepreneur contributors:

-Opinion expressed by Entrepreneur contributor: “First, do some market research to find out what type of small business is right for you. Once you have determined what type of small business fits you best, then it’s time to get started. I always recommend that you do your research, write out a plan, and start applying it. Then, when you are ready to launch, write out another plan and repeat until your goal is achieved.”

-Online business owner: “When I started my small businesses, I did not have any capital or experience, but I was able to leverage both to achieve my goals. One of the things I did was build a website with a capture page (a.k.a. Squidoo) so that I could attract leads through social media. This leads to an immediate influx of interested visitors, which translates into leads, which translates into customers, and then it converts into sales.

-Online business owner: “My biggest advantage is that I don’t have to pay employees. So even though my employees are expensive and I can’t afford them, I can focus on building my list, which will also help me with my business plan and marketing. My employees are part of my brand and image. So when I want to expand into a new market, I can just send an email that says I need your help. I send this email several times a week, and when I start getting new leads, I invite my old contacts and they help me grow my list even more.”

-Online Business Owner: “The other thing that I found is that I didn’t have to do any email marketing at all. I just built a list one email at a time. Once I got a good amount of opt-ins, I sent an email to my list that was related to the topic they were interested in and then promoted it. People were excited to sign up for something they weren’t familiar with so I just kept promoting it and growing my list. If you’re unfamiliar with email marketing, you can find a lot of resources on the Internet related to it and then just start with it.”

-Waterproofing Your Small Business: “Another of the small business ideas that are pretty easily startup is going to be waterproof your office. I know that if I’m going to do anything at all, I want to protect the equipment and materials that I have, as well as the people that work for me. So, I started buying industrial fireproof tapes to seal up everything. It took a little bit of time but the results were great because we were finally able to start to open again.”

-Online Business Owners: “One of the small business ideas that are pretty easily get started is by using social media to expand your customer base. In the past, I was having a hard time trying to sell the products that I had created. There wasn’t a whole lot of exposure, so I would sell less. Now, I get more customers through social media than I have through any other type of advertising.”

All of the business ideas listed above are great for any business, no matter what your specific goals are. The first business idea that comes to mind when most people think about starting their own business is starting a salon. However, because salons offer so much more than just a beauty service, other types of services can also be a great choice for those looking to start a business. Whether you decide to open a day spa, hair salon, or offer professional massage services, there are several different salons that you can open for business.

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